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Your Privacy

The provision of quality health care is our principle concern. It requires a doctor-patient relationship based on trust and confidentiality. Wellbeing McLaren Vale is committed to ensuring that your personal and medical information is professionally managed in accordance with privacy legislation (Privacy Amendment, Private Sector Act 2000).

In order to maintain confidentiality and trust between you and your doctor, the practice abides by the following guidelines:

Information collected and disclosed about you requires your consent. Your medical record is a confidential document and only available to authorized staff members. We will use the information we have about you only for the following purposes:

Diagnosis and treatment of your medical problems

Communicating with practice staff, specialists and other healthcare providers involved in your care

Preventative healthcare

Billing and collection of professional fees

You have a right to access your information. There are a limited number of circumstances in which access may be denied, but in such an event, you will be advised of the reason. Upon request, a complete copy of your health information held by this practice will be made available to another health care provider.

Further information regarding the privacy act can be obtained by contacting the Privacy Hotline on 1300 363 992 or by visiting the website

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