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Our Fees

As of 1st of October 2023 our fees will be increasing following the Australian Medical Association standards.
Why is there a fee increase?

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Since Medicare’s inception the Government’s indexation of Medicare rebates has never kept pace with the rising cost of medical practice.

From 2012-2017 almost all MBS rebates were frozen with no indexation.

Since then Medicare rebate increases have been significantly less than inflation.

This year the Medicare rebate was increased by 3.6% whilst our employment costs alone increased by 6.2%.

In order to continue to cover the increasing costs of running a General Practice our policy has always been to charge AMA rates which are independently adjusted each year to cover the costs of running a General Practice.

This is why your Medicare rebate is worth less every year. Concerned? Talk to your local Federal MP.

As a mixed billing practice, we offer bulk billing to all children aged 10 years and under. Pensioners and Health Care Card holders are offered a 10% discount off our normal fees. Payment of fees is expected on the day of consultation.

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